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The mission of passing down Japan's proud traditional craftsmanship to future generations together with historical architectural structures known as "Kominka."

"Kominka" refers to historical buildings constructed during the Edo, Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods. In countries like Europe, there is a culture of renovating and living in such old houses while modernizing the interiors. Unfortunately, in Japan, lifestyle and housing styles have significantly changed, leading to the dismantling and loss of historical architectural structures known as "Kominka."

However, there is a hidden demand for Kominka overseas.

We aim to deliver historical buildings like "Kominka" to overseas enthusiasts of Japanese culture. Simultaneously, we strive to export numerous traditional Japanese craftsmanship skills to the world, aiming for the resolution of challenges through business methods.

The future envisioned by our company for 100 years from now is one where historical Japanese buildings like "Kominka" are relocated around the world, and the expertise of Japanese traditional artisans is passed down to craftsmen worldwide!

Thoughts of Our Representative, Katsuyuki Nakagawa:

Katsuyuki Nakagawa

Hello, my name is Katsuyuki Nakagawa, and I am the representative director of Nakagawa Juken Real Estate Company. My job is the preservation and sales of the Japanese houses which was built over 100 years ago by the traditional construction method. We call such Japanese houses as “Kominka”.

The pillar and beam of the “Kominka” are made of the strong wood material to resist the disaster like earthquake and such natural phenomena as humidity and drying. Therefore, we can reform the “Kominka” by keeping the original pillar and beam but taking out the wall and floor. Furthermore, we can dismantle each of pillar and beam of the “Kominka” neatly and reconstruct it in a different place, which is called as “Ichiku”.

Although the highly technical skill is necessary for the reform or “Ichiku”, we Nakagawa Jyuken Corp has involved many cases of “Kominka” renovation business so far. We are realizing the coexistence of house owner’s modern life and preservation of “Kominka” by renovating the house with the modern life style and preserving the original atmosphere and safety mind of “Kominka” .

As a matter of fact, these attractive “Kominka” is also affected by the depopulation trend and it result in many vacant houses.

The vacant “Kominka” without any human maintenance will fall into decay furthermore. Our mission is to preserve the “Kominka” as much as possible and to leave it in history. We are proud of what Nakagawa Jyuken Corp can take over the “Kominka” from the original owner, look for the new owner, make the reform as customer’s request, and support the best way of living in Kominka.

In order to pass down traditional Japanese houses (Kominka) to the next generation, our company provides various services to international customers, including:
・Support for relocating to and utilizing Kominka for residential or vacation purposes
・Assistance in managing vacation rentals, transforming unused Kominka into guesthouses or shops
・Support for the international relocation of Kominka, etc.

Let’s make the dream of living in the real “Kominka“ come true.
We wish to have the contact from any organization or individuals who has the interest in cooperation with us.

To preserve the beautiful Japanese culture for future generations...

Japanese culture

I would like to emphasize that someone will have to succeed the such wonderful thing as beautiful Japan, beautiful Kyoto, beautiful Japanese garden, and traditional Japanese houses to our descendants from now on, too.

Any tangible properties surely include the people’s wish and desire and the various history. It is difficult for us not to change the things continuously at the time when everything is going to be changed. However, we would like to expand the “Kominka “ life adjusted to the future trend with carrying the respect and appreciation for the wisdom and technology of our predecessors.

Those argument has been increasing year by year in Japan but we feel some limitation to do it by Japanese only.
Therefore, we highly expect to have your contact with us if you would have the interest in “Kominka” and our business.