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Move-In Support

Move-In Support

In the rural outskirts of the beautiful historical Kyoto,
one can experience living in a Kominka.

Kyoto, renowned as a global tourist destination, boasts iconic structures like the golden beauty of Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion) and the architecturally stunning Kiyomizu-dera Temple on the hill, along with various ancient temples and shrines. The city is immersed in Japanese culture, featuring traditional cuisine, kimono attire, tea ceremonies, and more. It offers a rich blend of a long history and vibrant Japanese traditions.

In these areas slightly away from the city of Kyoto, one can find expanses of beautiful nature. How about escaping the city noise and enjoying a relaxed countryside lifestyle while residing in a Kominka?

Whether you choose to fully relocate or occasionally visit as a vacation home, experience life in a traditional Japanese-style house. We understand that you may have concerns about living in a Kominka and interacting with the local community. With over 30 years of experience in move-in support, our company is here to provide thorough assistance.

Live in a Kominka where you can experience a lifestyle that reflects the changing seasons and savor the essence of rural life in Japan.

Available Kominka for Sale

Our company offers Kominka for sale in Kyoto Prefecture. Whether for relocation or vacation purposes, please explore the list of available Kominka for sale.

List of Available Kominka for Sale >

Nakagawa Juken's Move-in and Vacation Home Support

If you are considering relocating or using a vacation home from overseas, you may have concerns about the lifestyle in Kominka or the ways of rural living in Japan. Our company not only sells Kominka but also provides various forms of support. With over 30 years of expertise in handling Kominka in Kyoto, we offer meticulous support that only our company, with its wealth of knowledge, can provide, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Below are some examples of the support we offer:

<Support for Local Living>

Support for Local Living

Living in rural Japan involves fostering relationships with neighbors. We assist in community engagement, such as accompanying you on courtesy visits when relocating, facilitating interaction with local residents. We also provide essential knowledge about local customs, festivals, cleaning duties, waste disposal, community association fees, and more.

<Kominka Aftercare>

Kominka Aftercare

Even after your purchase, Kominka may require maintenance. Our expertise covers tasks like termite prevention under the floor, repairing wear and tear over the years, and handling repairs in case of damages from disasters like typhoons. As specialists in Kominka, we can address content that typical real estate agencies may find challenging.

<Building Management in Absence>

Building Management in Absence

For those using Kominka as vacation homes, we offer building management services during extended periods of non-use. We also provide operation management, such as renting out the building as a guesthouse.
For more details, please refer to our vacation rental page.

Introduction to Relocation Areas

The main areas covered by our Kominka offerings are Kameoka City, Nantan City, and areas north of Kyoto Prefecture.

Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture:


Kameoka City is a precious area known for its proximity to Kyoto City, only about 20 minutes away by express train.
Despite its closeness to the city, it offers a rich rural landscape with abundant nature.
Popular attractions include the boat ride along the Hozugawa River and the Torokko train offering scenic views of the mountains throughout the seasons. The area is highly sought after as it allows for a countryside lifestyle while easily accessing major cities like Kyoto and Osaka. Moreover, being approximately 50 minutes by car from Itami Airport, it is convenient for international travel.

Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture:


Nantan City is slightly north of Kameoka City and boasts a rich natural environment with mountains and forests.
The famous tourist spot, "Kayabuki no Sato" in Miyama Town, features traditional thatched-roof farmhouses, allowing visitors to experience Japan's original landscapes.
With various scenic views of traditional houses throughout the seasons, along with facilities like cafes, accommodations, and art museums, Nantan City is a great place to explore when considering relocation.

Northern Areas of Kyoto Prefecture:


The northern regions beyond Kameoka City and Nantan City offer stunning coastal views of the Japan Sea.
"Amanohashidate" in Miyazu City is considered one of Japan's top three scenic spots, featuring a rare natural formation with about 6,700 pine trees flourishing on a roughly 3.6 km sandbar created over thousands of years.
In Ine Town, the "Ine no Funaya" consists of approximately 230 houses lined up like floating on the sea, making it a famous tourist destination. The proximity to the sea also makes this region known for its delicious seafood.

Comments of a Client Moving into a Kominka in Kameoka


A family that spent years traveling around the world came to find a peaceful lifestyle in a Kominka in the Nantan countryside near Kyoto, a city that retains the feeling of the past.

Ken Yonetani, a contemporary Japanese artist, and his Australian wife, Julia. The family purchased a Kominka in Nantan, Kyoto Japan from Nakagawa Juken and moved into there in 2015 after living life on the move throughout the world in Germany, France, Finland, Turkey and Singapore.

― What was the reason you chose the permanent life in Nantan City ?

Ken: We basically did not like the urban life but needed the convenient transportation access due to my occasional overseas business trips. When we were in Okinawa, we found Nantan City ,which is located in a rural area, but is convenient for the access to major cities and the Internet.

Julia: Where we live know is called a rural area in Japan, however where we can get to the city in just 30 minutes. So, it really does not seem rural to me at all. When I was living in Australia, it took over 2 hours to go 140 km distance from my home to the city. In comparison with that situation, this place is absolutely not a rural area.

―What drew you to Kominka?

Ken: This is a historic place, about 400 years old, which you can tell from the attic that still has a thatched roof and thick wooden pillars that remain unchanged.

Julia: It has a beautiful patio. It is just like a Mediterranean house with a place to get together.

Ken: Our children are enjoying the country life while enjoying what the natural life by the river and without any worries about the traffic.

Julia: Although we might have continued a nomadic life if we didn’t have children, we want our children to be able to go to just one school without changing school very often. They are completely accustomed to living here by playing with the same aged children.

―I heard that you have taken over the farm land from a former owner and started farming yourself.

Ken: It came as a surprise to people around here that we were going to farm this large land by ourselves with no experience. We tried to farm by hand at first, but it took too long so we gave it up! (Laughing.) We borrowed an agrimotor and got advice from neighbors to get it going.

Their lifestyle includes enough time for creative activities, farming, and raising their children in the country.

Past Cases Handled

Since our company's establishment in 1990, we have been handling Kominka for over 30 years, and we take pride in being the region's leader in terms of both the number of properties handled and our accumulated expertise. Below are examples of Kominka we have dealt with in the past.
For currently available properties, please refer to our property listings page.

kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house
kominka,old folk house


Services Other Than Move In Support

In addition to our move in support business, our company is also engaged in the following services.

We have traditional Japanese craftsmen who specialize in revitalizing aging traditional houses. Custom renovations tailored to your preferences are also possible.

We dismantle old private houses, transport the materials overseas, and reassemble them on-site. You can enjoy living in a Kominka in your country.

For those who purchase a Kominka in Japan for use as a vacation home, we manage it as an income property while it is not in use, operating it as a guesthouse, among other options.

We operate a resort villa with an annual membership system, located at the famous tourist spot "Amanohashidate" in Kyoto. It is a facility where a whole floor can be rented out exclusively for accommodation.