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Representative Director

Nice to meet you. I am Katsuyuki Nakagawa of Nakagawa Juken Corperation, a company based in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture. I was born in Hidokoro, Yagi Town, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, and spent my childhood living in a traditional Japanese house known as “Kominka.” It is through experiencing the charm, beauty, and deliciousness of rural life that I felt the potential of "social business." In 2015, when I became the representative, I aimed for a second founding, aspiring to make it a future core business.

While rural living has gained attention in recent years, dealing with rural real estate requires essential local information. The reason why major real estate companies cannot enter the market for traditional house transactions or rural living businesses is also related to this.

We believe that local companies should address local challenges. Our company aims to visualize the intrinsic richness overlooked in everyday life in rural areas and become a company that “solves local issues with a business approach."

Nakagawa Juken Corporation
Representative Director
Katsuyuki Nakagawa



Sales Assistant

Mikako Takaya

I handle various office tasks. Without being confined to the framework of what needs to be done, I support customers, visitors, and everyone who calls us with a spirit of "attention," "consideration," and "thoughtfulness."

Role: General office tasks
Favorite food: Fruits
Hobbies: Music


Sales Assistant

Ai Okamoto

Primarily, I am responsible for creating materials for the sale of properties. I put my heart into crafting materials so that the merits of the properties can be conveyed to customers, and I aim to create documents that will spark their interest.

Role: General office tasks
Favorite food: Sushi
Hobbies: Driving


Web Coordinator

Mariko Bando

I am in charge of all things related to the internet, including the company's website. I am diligently working on updating our website to make it a comprehensive source of information about rural living and Kameoka City. We welcome any requests or suggestions for projects you'd like to see.

Role: Social Business & Web Manager
Favorite food: Hot pot dishes
Hobbies: Piano


Translation Task

Yoko Miyauchi

I am in charge of English translation. I strive to convey the charm of Kominka to people around the world.

Role: Translator
Favorite Cuisine: Seasonings and aromatic dishes
Hobbies: Forest and mountain village drives, playing the violin

Major Achievements

Nakagawa Juken Co., Ltd. is in partnership with Kyoto Prefecture!

We are a reliable and secure company in collaboration with Kyoto Prefecture.
We actively engage in business cooperation
to address the challenges of "abandoned Kominka" in the region.
■Kyoto Prefecture Website
Kyoto Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Excellent Company Award

"Kyoto Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Excellent Company Award" received.

Within Kyoto Prefecture, the "Kyoto Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Excellent Company Award" recognizes small and medium-sized enterprises that contribute to the promotion of Kyoto's industry through outstanding manufacturing, innovative business models, or embodying the essence of Kyoto. In the fiscal year 2021, 11 companies were selected in Kyoto Prefecture, and our company was chosen in the "Retail and Service Industry" category. The award ceremony was held on November 25, 2021, at the Kyoto Garden Palace, where we received the award from Governor Nishiwaki.
Management of Wisdom

Recognized as a "Management of Wisdom" certified company.

"Management of Wisdom" visualizes the source of a company's strength, which cannot be fully expressed through financial statements, by making visible the "wisdom" (intellectual assets). After initial certification in 2018 and renewal in 2022, we have been certified again in 2022 (renewable every 2 years).

Featured in various media.

Our business has been introduced in various media outlets, including the Kyoto Prefecture website (Monozukuri Promotion Division), The Nikkei (Japan's economic newspaper), KBS TV "Kyoto BIZ," Kansai TV "Yo-i, Don," and more.
Emperor,Otanushi (Field Master) for the Saiden at the Daijosai

Our company president became the "Otanushi" (Field Master) for the Saiden at the Daijosai.

In the Daijosai held in November 2019, associated with the change of era due to the abdication of the Emperor, our company president, Mr. Hisao Nakagawa, was selected as the "Otanushi" (Field Master) for the "Saiden" offering rice, and we had the honor of presenting rice. The Saiden is chosen at only two locations nationwide when the era changes, and it is a prestigious honor given to only ten places in total across the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa eras.

Company Information

Company name
Nakagawa Juken Corporation
Mr. Katsuyuki Nakagawa (Representative Director)
8-24, Chihara 2 chome, Chiyogawa, Kameoka City, Kyoto Japan, 621-0052
+81-771-25-7110 / +81-771-25-7474
May 1990
JPY 10 Million
Licence No

・Real estate business: Kyoto prefecture governor (8) 9320
・General civil engineering construction: Kyoto prefecture governor (23) 30455
Business field

・General real estate business
・Purchase and Renovation of Kominka
・Rental of Kominka