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Business Overview

About Kominka & Available Kominka for Sale

Experience the beauty of the old,
traditional homes that allow you to feel the changing seasons.

"Kominka" refers to traditional Japanese wooden structures built approximately 100 years ago,
using natural materials deeply rooted in Japan's unique climate and lifestyle.
They hold significant cultural value and are highly popular among people from overseas.

Vacation rental

Purchase a Kominka in Kyoto,
a historical and culturally beloved city, embraced by the world!

Purchase a traditional Japanese house "Kominka”
for personal use as a vacation home and also consider renting it out as a guesthouse!


vacation rental,resort villa

Vintage house on the Beach >

This is truly a one-of-a-kind property. Now the former inn sits empty and full of potential, waiting for a buyer with a dream.
amanohashidate,miyazu,resort villa

"Jikyokan," a resort villa in Kyoto Prefecture >

"Jikyokan" is a membership-based resort villa. "Jikyokan" boasts a unique and exceptional location right in front of the historic Tango Ichinomiya Ise Kono Shrine.

Major Achievements

Nakagawa Juken Co., Ltd. is in partnership with Kyoto Prefecture!

We are a reliable and secure company in collaboration with Kyoto Prefecture.
We actively engage in business cooperation to address the challenges of "abandoned Kominka" in the region.
■Kyoto Prefecture Website


"Bringing Sympathy and Vibrancy to Local Areas"

There are places we want to create; the spaces where,
through local and global connections, the people resonate with the joy and hardships,
share them together in lively and energetic activities, express gratitude for the help of those around them,
and have the chance to encounter appreciation from others. Ultimately,
these are places where new companions can be formed.