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How about spreading Kominka to the world together?

Hello, everyone.
I'm Nakagawa from Nakagawa Juken.
Our work involves the preservation and buying/selling of Japanese houses.
These are Japanese houses that exceed 100 years, built using traditional construction methods of the past. We call them "Kominka" or traditional Japanese houses. Interestingly, these wonderful Kominka, affected by depopulation, often become vacant and unoccupied.

Abandoned and left untouched by human hands, these Kominka continue to deteriorate. Our mission is to protect and preserve as many of these Kominka as possible for future generations. We acquire them from property owners, recruit new owners, and pride ourselves on being able to support a fulfilling life in these Kominka through desired renovations at Nakagawa Juken.

The current project we are undertaking is a business model for relocating these Kominka overseas. However, there are various challenges that we alone cannot overcome when it comes to relocating them abroad. To ensure the success of the project, we need partner companies that can cooperate on-site.

While maintaining the atmosphere of the Kominka, we aim to carry out renovations that align with the local lifestyle, providing a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction as if living in Japan. Won't you join us in spreading this wonderful experience to the world?

We are eagerly awaiting contact from those who can cooperate.

Recruiting Partner Companies

・Target Area: Nationwide in the United States (For other regions, please inquire.)
・We welcome partners from various industries beyond those listed below.

< Recruiting Partner 1: Counterpart Partner for Exporting Kominka from Japan >

We are currently seeking counterparts for trade when relocating dismantled Kominka to overseas destinations (primarily considering the United States at the moment).

During reconstruction, it is possible to reproduce the Kominka in a traditional manner or to build it in a modern and comfortable living environment. The dismantling of a single Kominka and its relocation as a small-scale structure resembling a tea room is also feasible.

We take care of dismantling, correction work, chemical injection, drawing creation, transport to the port, and loading of the cargo. (Note: The Kominka for relocation is primarily limited to Kyoto, Japan.)

Partner companies are responsible for preparations (such as confirming local laws like building regulations and handling various local applications and procedures) in advance, receiving cargo at the port, and transporting it from the port to the construction site. It would be appreciated if partners can also handle the reconstruction (or arrange for a construction company) of the Kominka on-site.

For more details on exporting Kominka overseas, please refer to this page.

< Recruiting Partner 2: Real Estate Companies to Act as Agents for Nakagawa Juken's Kominka Business >

We sell numerous Kominka in Kyoto, Japan.

We are looking for partners in the United States who can become our agents, selling Kominka on our behalf. We would like to provide information to overseas customers who are interested in purchasing Kominka in Japan, or who would like to do business in Kominka (guesthouse, restaurant, cafe, dog run, etc.), or who would like to relocate an old private house overseas. We are looking for partners who will become our distributors in the U.S. and sell our Kominka.

To view Kominka currently available for sale and past examples, please refer to this page.

kominka,Real Estate

< Recruiting Partner 3: Construction Companies Specializing in Kominka Reconstruction Nationwide, on the West Coast, and the East Coast >

We are recruiting construction companies capable of revitalizing Kominka using materials from Kominka meant for overseas relocation.

Once a Kominka is dismantled in Japan, we will provide design plans for local reconstruction. We also conduct preliminary assembly in Japan to ensure that proper reconstruction is possible.

Skilled craftsmen with traditional Japanese construction techniques are essential for Kominka reconstruction. If there are concerns about the skills of local craftsmen, advice can be provided by Japanese craftsmen handling our properties.

Benefits: Recommended Property Automatic Display Feature

We operate a website called "Kominka Bank," where Kominka from all over Japan can be registered.

We have developed a system to automatically display the properties on this site as available properties on your company's website. We offer this feature free of charge to partner companies.

Please check the link of "Kominka Bank" here.
For details, please contact us.
Kominka Bank

Contact Information:

■About Our Company

Building mutual trust is essential when collaborating with international companies.
For more information about our company, please refer to this page.

■Contact and Meeting Methods

Contact :

Please contact us via email at the above address first. Subsequently, detailed meetings can be arranged, and Zoom meetings are possible. Our staff proficient in English will be present during meetings.