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Announcement of Unreleased Kominka Information in Advance
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We prioritize sharing information with our members.
Through our newsletter, delivered once every 1-2 weeks, we provide valuable information such as unreleased details about Kominka and advance preview event information.
This is exclusive information for our members before it is publicly disclosed, and there is a possibility that Kominka may be sold out before the general public gets access.
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Special Member Benefits


Member Benefit 1

We will inform you of Kominka sale information before it is publicly disclosed!

Prior to releasing property information on our website or social media, we exclusively share the information with those who have registered as members. This is a member-exclusive service, making it a must-see for those who want to know about property information.
Exclusive Advance Preview Events for Members!

Member Benefit 2

Exclusive Advance Preview Events for Members!

We are holding advance preview events exclusively for our members. Some properties may be sold during these events, so please consider visiting in person.

Member Benefit 3

Stay at Accommodations near Kyoto's Famous Attraction "Amanohashidate" (Paid)!

Our company owns the resort villa "Jikyokan" near Amanohashidate in the sea town of Miyazu City. Originally, only Jikyokan members for corporate use could stay, but as a special member benefit, you can stay at a discounted price of \8,000 per person (excluding tax and sheet fees). Feel free to use it as an alternative to hotels during your visit.
(For details about Jikyokan, please visit this page.)

Member Benefit 4

Participate in Exchange Meetings with Rural Migrants!

To alleviate concerns about rural living, there's nothing better than hearing firsthand experiences from migrants. When you register as our member, we'll invite you to various events. (Actual events include cherry blossom BBQ exchange meetings with rural migrants and treasure hunt events in traditional house storerooms, etc.)

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