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Purchase an old traditional Japanese house as your own vacation home and rent it out as a guesthouse to realize your own "Vacation & Rentals".

With its traditional townhouse-lined streets, temples and shrines, traditional crafts, maiko, and ever-changing seasonal landscapes, Kyoto offers a taste of Japan's rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty that captivates people worldwide.

In these enchanting areas of Kyoto Prefecture, why not consider buying a century-old "kominka" as your vacation home?

While living abroad, you can come to Japan for an extended vacation and purchase a "kominka" as your vacation home. During periods when you don't use it personally, you also have the option to rent it out as a guesthouse.

Benefits of Choosing Our Company

Entrust everything from purchase and renovation to operation to our company as a one-stop solution!

From searching for a suitable kominka for vacation rentals to handling the purchase process, government approvals, revitalization of the historic property, and subsequent management of the kominka, including operating it as a guesthouse?we provide a one-stop solution for all your needs.

●Reasons to Choose Nakagawa Juken●

1) Specialized in Japanese kominka as a real estate company.
2) Finding a company that allows customers to handle everything in one-stop is very challenging.
3) Only craftsmen with expertise in the techniques of traditional Japanese architecture can handle the renovation work of kominka.
4) It is reassuring because we have a partnership with the government.

In addition, when it comes to daily management and vacation rentals, you need to find a company that handles management, guesthouse operation, and customer attraction.

Typically, a new owner of kominka will ask each professional to perform each task, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

However, by entrusting us Nakagawa Juken, you can have our company handle all the steps mentioned above as a one-stop solution.

Kominka for Vacation Rental

Are you interested in purchasing a century-old kominka built using traditional techniques, but concerned about the renovation work and management during periods of non-use?

Leave it to us.

Our company, with a history of 34 years in Kyoto, has been recognized as an excellent company by the Kyoto prefectural government. Since our establishment, we have accumulated a track record of over 100 transactions and renovations of traditional Japanese houses, making us a leading company in the field. With a mission to pass on traditional Japanese techniques to the next generation through our business, we wholeheartedly undertake custom renovations of kominka.

Whether you wish to preserve the charm of an old-fashioned kominka through meticulous restoration or prefer a modern and spacious renovation for contemporary comfort, we are here to cater to your needs. Through the renovation of kominka, we aim to showcase Japan's cultural heritage, including traditional ways of living and architectural culture. We propose a harmonious coexistence of the unique values inherent in kominka and modern lifestyles.

For more details, please refer to our Kominka Renovation page.


Currently Under Restoration

Kominka with Garden and Pond Available for Vacation and Rental!
In 2024, Currently Under Restoration.
Learn more


Management of Kominka

During the periods when a kominka is not being used as a vacation home or while operating it as a guesthouse, we offer management services (fee-based).

●Management Services●
①Weed management in the garden
②Indoor ventilation
③Interior cleaning
④Check for damages to the building
⑤Immediate response to unexpected events such as typhoons

We will submit a monthly report for your reference.
Monthly management fee: 55,000 JPY (including tax)

*Please note that the monthly fee may vary depending on the property. For details, please contact our company.

Guesthouse Operation

Leave the operation of your guesthouse during times it is not utilized as a vacation home in our capable hands.

After the purchase of kominka, we will handle the procedures for obtaining lodging permits.

Regarding attracting guests, we not only leverage existing major booking sites but also, if desired, employ strategies such as operating our own reservation site, utilizing social media for promotion, and implementing other creative measures to increase occupancy rates.

● Ways to attract guests ●
①Registration on major booking sites
②Utilization of social media

● Operation ●
①Handling guesthouse reservations
②Reception tasks such as check-in and check-out
③Cleaning and bed-making
④Arrangement for sheet cleaning
⑤Emergency support
⑥Handling guest requests and complaints

As an additional paid service, we are considering providing Kyoto sightseeing guidance.

Our service fee: Anticipated to be 20% of the total revenue *Monthly fees may vary depending on the property, so please contact our company for detailed information.

Sales and Commission

The revenue from the guesthouse will be directly deposited into the owner's account.
Please make a monthly payment of 20% of this amount to our company as an operational fee. (Bank transfer)

Profit and Expense Simulation

Before purchasing a kominka, we would like to propose a simple profit and expense simulation for operating a guesthouse. For instance, the following is an actual profit and expense simulation we presented for a certain kominka in Kyoto Prefecture. The revenue from the guesthouse can cover expenses such as the maintenance cost of the traditional house.

Investment,vacation rental

Introduction of Practical Examples

We would like to showcase examples of kominka that our company has handled for vacation rentals.

Investment,vacation rental

Kominka with a Japanese garden to experience the changing seasons

Our company manages a vacant Kominka as a rental property for events like photo shoots and BBQ gatherings.
Investment,vacation rental

A historic “Shoya (village headman)" residence reminiscent of a castle from the Edo period

Intended for various purposes, aside from using it as a vacation home.
Investment,vacation rental

Kominka with a Japanese garden and pond

Purchased by someone from overseas, this property is planned to be operated as a guesthouse.

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Our goal is to connect "those who love kominka both domestically and internationally" with "real kominka" in Japan. Please consider experiencing kominka with us! Nakagawa Juken, recognized with the Kyoto Prefecture Excellent Company Award, is here to provide comprehensive support for you.